Strategic Planning

David Cooperrider
“The questions we ask … determine what we find. What we find becomes the data and the story out of which we dialogue about and envision the future. And so, the seeds of change are implicit in the very first questions we ask”
David Cooperrider

Effective strategic planning suits the nature and needs of an organization. Strategic planning begins with preparing a thorough “plan for a plan” to customize your strategic planning process so it is alignment with your core values and culture.

Our strategic planning services include:

  • Environmental Scan: conducting realistic situational analyses, external and internal to the organization
  • Consultation: developing a consensus-driven strategic direction for the organization, including goals and strategies.
  • Facilitation: providing leadership in facilitating engagement sessions key to informing a meaningful strategic plan
  • Communications Plan: developing and communicating the strategic plan document to support a review process in alignment with your organization’s operating culture and core values
  • Implementation Plan: collaboratively developing realistic and flexible implementation plans