Marshall Ganz
“…it is through the shared experience of our values, that we can engage with others, motivate one another to act, find the courage to take risks, explore the possibility and face the challenges we must face.”
Marshall Ganz

Engagement when done well enables people from all walks of life to weigh various options and consider different viewpoints. Whether public engagement, engagement within an organization, a team or a membership base this can result in:

  • Articulating values
  • Identifying priorities
  • Strengthening strategic planning
  • Informing action steps and solutions
  • Improving program efficiency and effectiveness
  • Strengthening the agency of individuals and communities to participate in decisions that impact their lives

To support your engagement intentions, we provide the following services:

  • Strategy: We develop strategic engagement plans to facilitate face-to-face and online participation.
  • Design: We work with you to develop and deliver constructive conversations resulting in meaningfully outcomes.
  • Facilitation: We provide leadership in facilitating meaningful engagement sessions, workshops and dialogues.
  • Evaluation: We design and develop evaluations of your engagement plans and processes.