What We Do

John Kao
“Innovation is creativity applied to a purpose to realize value. Innovation is not invention. Innovation is about changing the way things are done. Innovation is a set of capabilities that enable the continuous realization of a desired future.”
John Kao

We are energized by working with others who believe that positive change is possible. We value collaborative working relationships inviting us to access the leadership and knowledge within teams, organizations and communities.

We provide the following services:

  • Strategic Planning: design and deliver participatory strategic planning processes
  • Engagement: collaborate to develop and deliver constructive conversations resulting in meaningfully outcomes
  • Communications: develop focused communications strategies to realize your strategic priorities, articulate your compelling narratives and ignite engagement
  • Workshops: strengthen your capacity to create meaningful engagement, compelling narratives and dynamic online communications

The following workshops are delivered:

  • “Igniting Engagement: Why Stories Matter
  • ” Building Engagement: Dialogue Design
  • “Writing for the Web: Creating Engaging Online Content
  • “Based On a True Story: Strengthening Your Leadership Narrative”