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  1. Why Narrative Matters to Your Leadership

    A fascinating short article by Madelyn Blair published in July’s issue of Psychology Today make the direct connection between narrative and effective leadership. “Narrative psychology is the perspective that, as Ted Sabin from UCSC said, focuses on “the storied nature of human conduct.” The central thesis of this perspective is that narrative is a natural human process that is integral...

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  2. Data and Storytelling

    The true power of data comes from conveying the “so what” behind the numbers, inspiring people to probe new questions, and using it for rigorous statistical inquiry. Check out Jake Porway’s “Three Things Great Data Storytellers Do Differently” in the Standford Social Innovation Review.

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  3. Movements Have Narratives

    “Movements have narratives. They tell stories, because they are not just about rearranging economics and politics. They also rearrange meaning. And they are not just about redistributing the goods. They’re about figuring out what is good.” – Marshall Ganz

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  4. Story is like gravity

    “Humans are storytelling animals. We thrill to an astonishing multitude of fictions on pages, on stages, and on screens: murder stories, sex stories, war stories, conspiracy stories, true stories and false. We are, as a species, addicted to story. But the addiction runs deeper than we think. We can walk away from our books and our screens, but we can...

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