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  1. The Story of Hope

    An excerpt from Maya Angelou’s 1993 Inaugural Poem provides a glimpse into the timeless and tenacious story of hope. “Lift up your faces, you have a piercing need For this bright morning dawning for you. History, despite its wrenching pain, Cannot be unlived, and if faced With courage, need not be lived again. Lift up your eyes upon The day...

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  2. New Narratives Needed about Inequality

    “If everything you know about a group is a collection of negative statistics, then there’s no way that you can tell the stories of people from that group—and stories are crucial to inspiring positive change,” said Trabian Shorters. Shorters was speaking to a group of nearly 300 people had gathered at SSIR’s Frontiers of Social Innovation conference in May to...

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  3. The Leader as Storyteller

    Scholar and author Warren Bennis in his review of Howard Gardner’s seminal book on leadership observed: “The leadership crisis appears to be spreading. In the United States, senators are resigning, some without encouragement of scandal. The mood of the populace is unsettled, angry, sometimes foul, and, in a few horrifying recent cases, even murderous. And those who ostensibly lead agree...

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  4. The Science of How Storytelling Affects our Brains

    “Cognitive science has long recognized narrative as a basic organizing principle of memory. From early childhood, we tell ourselves stories about our actions and experiences. Accuracy is not the main objective – coherence is. If necessary, our minds will invent things that never happened simply to hold the narrative together.” How can we use stories as communicators?

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