Female Visibility Matters

If you didn’t catch Professor Salamishah Tillet’s essay Female Visibility Matters in the New York Times it is well worth a read. She shares her insights regarding the invisibility of African-American women and their experience of racism.

“When we talk about lynching, police brutality and mass incarceration, we are almost always talking about African-American men, not women. Being a target of racism is seen as patrilineal, a social and political disadvantage that black fathers unwillingly bequeath to their sons but not their daughters. The result is a dyad of vulnerability and invisibility that most African-American women, including me, learn to navigate at an early age.”

Salamishah Tillet is an associate professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania. She  co-founder of A Long Walk Home, a nonprofit that uses art to educate and empower young people to end violence against girls and women.


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