The Leader as Storyteller

Scholar and author Warren Bennis in his review of Howard Gardner’s seminal book on leadership observed:

“The leadership crisis appears to be spreading. In the United States, senators are resigning, some without encouragement of scandal. The mood of the populace is unsettled, angry, sometimes foul, and, in a few horrifying recent cases, even murderous. And those who ostensibly lead agree only that things are terrible and getting worse. Among the general population, cynicism is rampant. I don’t recall such a widespread loss of faith in our major institutions even during the tumultuous 1960s. Indeed, I can’t remember a time when so many of our leaders themselves were so vocally disenchanted with government, including their own political parties, as they are today.”

These words published 20 years ago ring all too true today.

Read Professor Bennis’ full article published twenty years ago in the Harvard Business Review.

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