What Difference Can My Story Make?

Things change. All around us change is unfolding. “The impossibility of things staying as they are gives birth to the possibility of change,” observe the authors of Getting to Maybe: How the World is Changed.

Without fail in every story workshop I have delivered, when I ask participants to tell a story about themselves someone always says “I just don’t see what difference my story will make?” Sometimes this question comes from performance jitters or from apprehension fearing their story will lack any entertainment value. Mostly the uncertainty flows from the shallow waters of inexperience. We just aren’t invited to tell our stories, not that often anyway. Sure we tell stories to some of our friends and family members but we don’t really set them to sail on the public pond.

Your story makes a difference, in fact it is the difference. The difference between where we are and where we can envision ourselves going. Things change when you tell your story; they change for you and they change for us the listeners. Connections are made and new meaning surfaces. Your story of hope, of loss and longing gently laps our knowing against news shores of insight.

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